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Welcome to MAS LEGAL - European and worldwide trademark registration services

Our BrandToBe® packages provide flat fee trademark registration including strategy advice, extensive clearance searches and filing of your trademark registration request. BrandToBe® packages are available for Europe and worldwide.

I am the founder of MAS LEGAL, an intellectual property law firm based in London, England. I help UK, European and international clients register and manage their trademarks. I personally advise all my clients and am involved in your case from start to finish. I guarantee your complete satisfaction.

Severine Mas, Solicitor & Avocat

Brand assistance for the European Union

Our services are ideal for brand owners who wish to enter the European market and assess their brand freedom of exploitation in the European Union. With BrandToBe® Europe, we will let you know if your brand is available and we will register it for free (more details).

BrandToBe® Europe is the most comprehensive trademark search and registration package available on the market.

Compare us to low cost search services:




Registered trademark database searches
Search result analysis by a trademark lawyer -
Lawyer involved in 100% of the process -
Common law trademark searches  border= -
Unregistered trademark searches  border= -
Social media searches  border= -
Domain names .com .net .org .uk .de .fr .ca .eu, etc.  border= -
Copyright (books, titles, movies, songs, etc.) searches  border= -
E-commerce/shop website searches  border= -
Adwords/ Pay per click advert searches -
Strategy analysis and advice  border= -
Analysis of a set of possible brand names  border= -
Territorial weaknesses assessment  border= -
Written full search report  border= -
Written letter of legal opinion  border= -

What makes BrandToBe® different?

  • BrandToBe® Europe provides a comprehensive trademark registration package with experienced trademark lawyers involved during 100% of the process.

  • Our team will plan your customized search according to a set of criteria unique to your brand.

  • We use sophisticated tools that are not available to the public to conduct an extensive clearance search.

  • We will write a detailed search report including a full risk assessment.

  • Our lawyers will file your trademark application for no extra fee in 3 classes. You will only have to pay for the trademark office filing fee. See the BrandToBe® product pages for more details.

With BrandToBe®, you can make an informed decision based upon the best available information.

BrandToBe packages

Marklocator packages

My©Box packages



All prices are exclusive of VAT

My©Box Standard
1 deposit

My©Box Pro
10 deposits

My©Box Corporate 
30 deposits

Legal Assistance included: in case of dispute, we offer a free analysis of your case, plus we send a formal cease and desist letter free of charge (terms and conditions apply).

What they're saying

Yuchen, San Jose

"We are a startup company in Silicon Valley, California. MAS LEGAL helped us register our trademarks in the European Union. They also defended us in an opposition procedure against one of our trademarks by a leading brand in the same industry. With her knowledge and experience, and employing effective tactics, Severine Mas not only defeated the initial objection but also initiated a worldwide settlement for us with the objecting party. I would highly recommend MAS LEGAL to all companies with intellectual property requirements".

Nick, London

"Mas Legal advised me on my international trademark extensions. They successfully dealt with USPTO objections, and all my trademarks were successfully registered. I would recommend them to savvy entrepreneurs who would appreciate business minded lawyers".

Brigitte, France

"Top qualities: Personalized service, Expert, Good Value".


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We understand that when you send us strategic brand information, your data needs to be protected. All transmissions to us are fully encrypted. Online payments are handled by Worldpay. 

MAS LEGAL is a law firm located in London, UK. Practice regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority of England and Wales, registration number 468289. Admission to practice in France. Intra Community VAT No GB 144 873491.

MAS LEGAL is part of an independent lawyer network with Offices in Canada, France, Germany, Hong-Kong, Ireland, Italy and the USA. MAS LEGAL provides trademark services covering Europe, Canada, USA, China, Japan, and over 76 other countries.

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